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imageWhether over myself, others or across continents, I am perpetually tripping.

…It all began 10 yrs ago, when I started planning my honeymoon. After considerable research, I ended up creating multiple itineraries, landing a job with a leading Indian hospitality group, awakening a dormant passion for travel and of course, designing an itinerary for the perfect honeymoon.

Over the years, this passion has turned into a bit of an obsession: if I’m not on a trip or planning a trip, I’m happily providing solicited or unsolicited suggestions for others’ trips.  I realised that what makes a trip memorable is not just what you “see”, but what you “experience”. The more unique the experience, the more unforgettable the journey.

I strongly believe that the ideal trip is best described by Wordsworth’s “Daffodils”…a sight and experience so wonderful that the heart dances with pleasure at the memory. Not all trips are going to get the heart on the dance floor, but if the memory makes me smile or touches my soul, I’d say the trip’s served its purpose.

This space reflects musings, memories and experiences generated by my passion for unique and unforgettable journeys interspersed with a few random thoughts, observations and tons of unsolicited advice.

For more globetrotting and gourmet grub banter or itinerary suggestions, drop a note below or email me: perpetuallytripping@gmail.com


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