Inspiration for the experiential traveller

Dedicated to the experiential travel connoisseur, Perpetually Tripping features unique experiences from around the world. Couples, groups or solo travellers can find travel tips and inspiration across a range of interests from festive, dining and sport to luxury, adventure and relaxation. Discover fabulous food or photo tours, unusual dining spots, innovative vegetarian culinary experiences, sublimely luxurious forts or authentic palaces, royal celebrations, haunted tours, beautiful walks and more. 

Author: Mansi Kamdar

Experiential travel enthusiast and blogger. I love vegetarian food, fine wine, fine chocolates and Chunky Chips Ahoy. I am not racist, but I refuse to call "white chocolate" chocolate. My dream is to eat at each of the World's 50 best restaurants. It certainly helps that the husband loves to travel and dreams of watching a cricket match in every stadium in the world. We are currently on track to achieve our goals, but indulge in more "wholesome" holidaying as we are now accompanied by two adorable little imps.

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